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11 Instagrammable #ArtExhibits

You can post as many #belfie, #sunset and #normcore photos as you’d like. But these days, you’re going to need more than that to #breaktheinternet. Skip the cat photos and 'gram on at these 11 ridiculously photogenic art installations. No filter required.

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Brooklyn: FAILE: Savage/Sacred Young Minds, Brooklyn Museum

A black-lit wall of concert posters; a marble statue of a young girl holding a skateboard; a room of pinball machines and black-and-white collages: FAILE: Savage/Sacred Young Minds seems to examine every aspect of modern American pop culture—and is pure eye candy.

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Xiangyang, China: The Soundwave sculpture at Myrtle Tree Garden

What does sound look like? That’s what the designers at the Vienna- and Beijing-based design firm Penda tried to answer with this surreal public work made of 500 steel towers in the Myrtle Tree Garden. All the columns emit noise when you walk by. Stay until after dark, when they light up like a city of not-so-tall but showstopping skyscrapers.

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Genk, Belgium: Labyrint

We know coal mines are dangerous places and they used to claim thousands of lives a year. So it makes sense that a winding steel maze was built on the site of the now closed Winterslag coal mine. You can wander its dark corridors for hours knowing — thankfully — that eventually you WILL get out.

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Washington, DC: The Beach at the National Building Museum

DC is embracing its playful inner child at the National Building Museum's The Beach. The Brooklyn-based experimental art/architecture firm Snarkitecture has built a ball pit made of 750,000 recycled plastic balls that you can jump in, chill in, and snap some killer Instagram photos in.

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Boston: As If It Were Already Here, Studio Echelman

Some 365 feet above Boston’s Rose Kennedy Greenway, Janet Echelman’s latest public work is an example of the beauty that can come from otherwise ordinary things (in this case, fishnet and wind). The work looks like lightweight lace — especially in the breeze — but it actually weighs a ton (literally) and is made up of more than 100 miles of twine.

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New York City: The Roof Garden Commission, Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Met's roof deck is worth a peek for more than the views. Parisian artist Pierre Huyghe has installed his third commission there; it looks like a series of displaced concrete slabs that reveal puddles and rivulets of water. There's also (among other installations) a massive fish tank filled with a boulder of lava, tadpole shrimp and other random objects. It all "explores the transformation of cultural and biological systems through a dynamic gathering of components." We're not sure what that means, exactly, but we can't wait to find out — and post about it. #MetRoof.

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Bradford, U.K.: Festival of Light, National Media Museum

Don't forget your shades. Among the many free and open-to-the-curious-public elements of this candy-bright installation is a mirror-lined room with more than 250 rainbow-hued fluorescent lights; it looks like something from a 1980s music video.

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London: Alcoholic Architecture

Boozehounds will get a serious kick out of this intoxicating exhibit in London’s Borough Market. Visitors walk through a cloud of alcohol that is pumped out through a high-power humidifier— and feel the effects in their lungs, on their skin — even in their eyeballs. If you prefer to imbibe your liquor the old-fashioned way, sidle up to the bar and order a glass of Buckfast, a fortified wine that's rumored to have more caffeine than Red Bull. Either way, you're going home with a major buzz.

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Milan: Milan Expo 2015: Pavilion Zero

Expo Milano 2015's Pavilion Zero is a space with one goal: to tell the story of man versus nature. Among the dimly lit areas to explore in the eight domed "hill" buildings are a painstakingly recreated version of Parma's Teatro Farnese in intricately carved wood and a curved-walled room where life-size statues of farm animals (horses, ducks, ostriches) stand frozen in time.

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London: ArcelorMittal Orbit sculpture

Climb to the upper deck of Anish Kapoor’s 375-foot-tall recycled steel sculpture and you can see for 20 miles. The tower was built for the 2012 Olympics, but it has some big news: In 2016 it will feature the world's longest and tallest tunnel slide, which visitors can ride to the bottom.



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