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Chef Jose Andres Shares his Favorite Spots in Sin City

Where does super-star chef Jose Andres go in Sin City? Read on for his top places to eat, drink and shop.

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Jose Andres is a busy man. When he’s not searching for the best meat available to serve at his restaurants, launching a line of Spanish foods, or at one of his 24 restaurants, you can find him out living the high life. It’s only logical that the man who brought Ibérico ham to America knows a thing or two about eating, shopping and partying in style.

We recently caught up with Andres at his Vegas restaurant Bazaar Meat, where he put on a beef-focused dinner complete with a head-spinning array of meat—we’re talking everything from bone-in strip loin to roasted Iberico suckling pig (not to mention the obligatory caviar bump between courses). And when Andres isn’t cooking up elaborate meals like these, where does he go? From the oldest tiki bar in Vegas to an off-strip Thai joint, here’s his list of favorite restaurants, bars, shops, and clubs in Sin City.

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Everybody loves Raku. They have incredible seafood. I never have to order—they just send dishes out. One of my favorite plates is the Poached Egg with Sea Urchin and Salmon Roe. The sea urchin is so fresh; it tastes like the sea.

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Chef Tony Hsieh from Chow is a legend in Vegas. But what I like even more than Tony is the restaurant's crispy southern fried chicken. What’s better than an amazing piece of fried chicken? It’s brined overnight and fried to order. They serve it with bread, muffins and sweet-and-spicy pickles.

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Hyde Bellagio

Another spot I love is Hyde by the fountains in the Bellagio. It's my favorite club in the whole world. I'm not a get-a-table guy, so I grab a gin tonic at the bar and just enjoy the atmosphere and the music.

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Frankie's Tiki Room

This is the oldest tiki bar in town. Imagine: no reservations, no casino behind it. Very tiki. Tiki-tacky-tiki, but very cool.

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Lotus of Siam

I adore this spot because it has nothing to do with the super-fancy, cool-looking restaurants in Vegas. This place in an ugly strip mall, but the food is great! Get stuff from the Northern Thai menu. I'm a huge fan of the Northern Larb—it’s ground pork with northern Thai spices topped with fresh vegetables and herbs.

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Bauman Books

This is an old cookbook shop inside the Palazzo casino. There's an outpost in New York, one in L.A., and one in Vegas. One of the best books in the world is the first edition Nicolas Appert, _The Art of Preserving All Kinds of Animal and Vegetable Substances for Several Years. _It was written in 1811! Appert invented canning to help Napoleon Bonaparte feed his troops—simply amazing.

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