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Could an Erotic Theme Park be Brazil’s Next Big Attraction?

Just when you thought Brazil couldn’t get any sexier.

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As far as wacky theme parks go, Brazil’s adult-only ErotikaLand sets the bar pretty high. Slated to open in 2018 somewhere near Piracicaba, a two-hour drive from Sao Paulo, it’s everything we’re sure your dirty little mind has already imagined and then some.

Yes, it’ll have your run-of-the-mill Ferris wheel, water slide and maze, but more risqué attractions come in the form of a nude pool, sex shop, 7D virtual reality theater (with vibrating seats, no less), bumper cars in the shape of you-know-what, and a museum on the history of sexuality.

In a country where 64 percent of the population is Catholic, the development – which was spearheaded by businessman Mauro Morata – has naturally caused some controversy. But according to Morata, the park isn’t just about getting naked, it’s about promoting healthy conversations about sex and sexuality (hmmmm).

And of course it will have a strict NO SEX policy. No surprise there given Morata also has plans to open a number of motels in close proximity.

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