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Brad Pitt is Opening a Hotel (Yes, Really!)

We can't wait to check in.

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Brad Pitt is in the spotlight once again—just not for boozing, abusing, or breaking hearts. The A-lister just purchased a 1.5-billion-dollar resort in the tiny coastal town of Zablace, Croatia, a three-hour drive from the capital of Zagreb. Pitt plans to incorporate all the trappings of your standard over-the-top, celeb-owned hotel—infinity pool, golf course, next-level food, spacious suites, decadent spa—plus a couple of extra perks like a health clinic and a school (because why not?). Being a huge architect buff, the A-lister isn’t skimping on design and has tapped Croatian architect Nikola Bašić, best known for his Sea Organ, to build the new digs. We can’t wait to check in.

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