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9 Best Travel-Friendly Perfumes

Don't run the risk of having your favorite fragrance nabbed by the TSA — or worse, shattering in your luggage. Instead, slip one of these lightweight, spill-proof fragrances into your carry-on to smell great on the go.

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Hollywood Jasmine Rollette Lush Jasmine

This scent is inspired by the jasmine blooms of the Hollywood hills, though we also pick up on earthier notes of frankincense and sandalwood.

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Diptyque Philosykos Solid Perfume

The entirety of a fig tree (roots, sap, bark and all) is contained within this exotic-smelling compact.

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Le Labo Lys 41 Solid Perfume in Lily and White Flower

New York-based perfumery Le Labo takes two years to create each of its custom fragrances. This solid option combines warm, feminine notes of jasmine, tuberose and lily with a warm Madagascan vanilla base.

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Na Nin Perfume Oil in Fig Leaf/Olive Branch

A light, sweet scent with olive notes and aromatherapy benefits.

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RetaW Fragrance Solid Perfume

This beeswax-based solid spreads like a salve, depositing a fresh citrus and mint scent that stays put throughout the day.

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Lush Lust Solid Perfume

If you're looking for something sexy, you've found it. This Lush perfume solid is a heady mash-up of rich florals (rose, jasmine, ylang ylang) and a seductive, warm base.

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Cinnamon Projects Accords: 11 PM

This musky blend is one of five fragrances that comprise Cinnamon Projects 'The Accords': a collection of scents inspired by various times of the day.

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Urban Outfitters Herbivore Botanicals X UO Hair Perfume

A hair perfume does more than impart a fresh-smelling scent — it also cleanses and revives tired tresses. This vitamin-rich formula is formulated with essential oils and Bulgarian rose absolute.

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Aesop Marrakech Intense Parfum

An intoxicating mix of cloves, cardamom and bergamot, this evocative fragrance takes us back to the souks of Marrakech, where the smells of flowers and spices fill the air.

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