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JS Shopping List: 26 Style Souvenirs We Love

There's nothing that gets us Jetsetters more excited than hunting for one-of-a-kind souvenirs on the road. Here, our editors share 26 authentic finds from London, Paris and beyond. * Updated 2018

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Mexico City

Turquoise jewelry In Mexico, turquoise is as sought-over today as it was during the Aztec Empire. You can buy the blue-green mineral at most markets in Mexico City, but we’ve scored some of our most prized turquoise finds at Lagunilla, the vast flea market located about ten blocks from the city's main plaza.

Chocolate Because most of Mexico's chocolate is consumed as hot cocoa, most of the chocolate you'll find in stores comes in thick blocks similar to that used in baking. We're still nibbling away at the delicious chili-dusted slab we bought at Le Caméléon, an artisanal chocolate shop in Marché Dumas.

Decorative pillows Designer Maggie Galton works with traditional craftsmen and communities throughout Mexico to create one-of-a-kind interior goods. She sells ornate clay bowls, shawls and lacquer trays, but it's her huipil-inspired pillows that we're most lusting after. Find her goods at Onora, the designer's boutique in the city's Polanco district.

Coffee Mexico is one of the world's greatest coffee producers, so you'd be remiss not to pick up a bag of aromatic beans before jetting home. We love the smooth rich brew from Café Passmar, a coffee shop located within a traditional market in Mexico City.

Mezcal Shot glasses make for a pretty unoriginal souvenir. But shot glasses paired with a smoky Mexican spirit like this one from San Cosme? Salud!

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Kilim boots Kilim boots have become a footwear favorite among celebrities Kate Moss, Rihanna and Sienna Miller. Be sure to buy your hand-stitched pair a size down, as the leather will stretch over time.

Wedding blankets Moroccan wedding blankets or handira are prized for their sumptuous white wool or cotton fabric and shimmering sequin detailing. Buy yours at the Medina of Marrakech, where a blanket will cost you only $150, versus the $1,000 you can expect to pay back home.

Spices On your shopping list: cayenne, turmeric, saffron, cumin and popular spice blend, ras al hanout. A heaping bag will cost you as little at 20 cents, so be sure to stock up on all your favorites. Jetsetter tip: double bag the spices so they don’t explode in your suitcase.

Moroccan slippers Ranging from just five to ten dollars a piece, the quality of leather used in Moroccan slippers varies from place to place, so make sure to take your time to really shop around.

Lanterns There’s nothing like an intricate hand-crafted lantern to transport you back to your sultry nights in Morocco.

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Maison Kitsune iPhone case Buy this trés chic iPhone case at Maison Kitsune's sun-drenched store in Paris' trendy Upper Marais district.

Letterpress de Paris stationery You could send a postcard. Or, you could pick up beautiful stationery from Letterpress de Paris, a French printing company that collaborates with illustrators, graphic designers, and street artists to create gorgeous hand-crafted paper goods.

Frédéric Malle perfume Sure, Chanel no. 5 will always be a French beauty staple. But this scent from master perfumer Frédéric Malle combines notes of sandalwood, vanilla and jasmine in a distinctively sensual blend that's unlike anything you'll find at Sephora.

Ladurée macarons Most people think crepes or croissants when talk turns to French confections. But these jewel-colored, ganache-filled macarons from famed French patisserie Ladurée have been around for just as long—1862, in fact. Bite into one and you'll understand why.

La Maison du Savon de Marseille soap When the French lather up, they reach for this luxurious olive oil soap from La Maison du Savon de Marseille.

Maison Kitsune Cropped Sweater This striped sailor top exemplifies the cool-girl insouciance for which French brand Maison Kitsune is best known. Pair it with jeans and a neck scarf to channel your inner Bardot.

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Roberts Revival Union Jack radio This style-setting radio has 120 hours of battery life, gold-plated fittings and multi station pre-sets. But the real reason this Union Jack Revival Radio is on our London wish list? We're pretty confident we could rock it as a handbag.

Burberry scarf At $600, this Burberry scarf isn't the kind of souvenir you'll pick up on a whim. But it's 100% cashmere and woven at a 200-year-old mill in Scotland, so it'll last you a lifetime. Buy it at the brand's gorgeous flagship store on Regent's Street and you'll probably leave with a few other items in your checkout cart.

Smythson "Novel Ideas" notebook J.K. Rowling conceived of Harry Potter while commuting on the London Tube. Our point? You never know when or where your moment of inspiration will strike. But when it does, you'd do well to scribble it down in this beautiful "Inspirations and Ideas" lambskin notebook.

Harrods tea Harrods encompasses seven floors and one million square feet of retail space. So if you think you'll have time to see it all, you're kidding yourself. Our tip? Beeline for the Food Hall and stock up on their comprehensive selection of exotic and classic teas. Your friends back home will love you for it.

Selfridges toffee The brits are known for their toffee, and the candy twists from Selfridges are the best we ever had.

Aspinal of London keychain 99% percent of the time, key chains are a fashion faux pas. But this darling key ring from Aspinal of London is an exception. With its vintage-inspired design and cherry red enamel, it's cute and kitsch-free.

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Socks We know what you're thinking—socks, really? But trust us, you don't want to miss out on the Korean fashion trend that is bold, over-the-top socks. From candy-colored stockings to Hello Kitty knee-highs and panda bear-themed anklets, the wackier, the better! Pick up a pair (or three!) and don’t be afraid to start the trend stateside.

Saem hand cream Don’t let the cutsey packaging fool you. This cult hand cream is one of the best we’ve ever tried. It’s loaded with super moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and pomegranate oil, and comes in three intoxicating floral scents that do overtime as perfume. Pick yours up at The Saem shop in Myeongdong.

Tteok Glutinous rice cubes—doesn’t sound so appetizing, right? But we swear tteok, or Korean rice cake, is something that you'll learn to love.

Holika face mask So you want to wear a sheet mask but don’t want to look like a ghoul. Holika’s Baby Pet Magic mask comes in cute character designs (think: pugs, cats and seals) and targets specific skin concerns like wrinkles and dark spots. Slap one on during your long flight home, and you’ll come home looking as well-rested as a, er, house cat.

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