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The Best Solar Phone Chargers

On the look out for the best solar phone charger? We know 'Low Battery Anxiety' is a thing. Ok, perhaps not a real illness or disorder, but research shows that nine out of ten people panic in some form or another when the dreaded warning appears on their cell. Sure, you can always stash a few charging cables in your bag, but if you're off the grid, or mindful of your carbon footprint (as we all should be), a portable solar charger is the way to go. These seven picks are water proof, lightweight, and rev up your device in decent time.

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BigBlue 28W Portable Solar Charger

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DdizauL Solar Charger

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Anker 21W Dual USB PowerPort Solar Charger

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SnowLizard SLXtreme Waterproof iPhone 7 Solar Charging Case

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Yolk Solar Paper Portable Solar Charger

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RAVPower Solar Charger 24 W Solar Panel

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Nekteck 20W Solar Panel Charger

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