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9 Transformative Trips to Take to Get Over That Breakup

A broken heart is no easy thing to fix; whether you're dealing with the fallout of a long distance relationship, picking yourself up after a crushing divorce, or simply dealing with being dating app ghosted (it hurts too, guys!), there are few things that'll make you feel better. That said, we're major advocates of solo travel. Rather than staying down in the dumps, throw off those PJs, dust off your suitcase, and jet off to one of these 9 destinations where inspiration and restoration are in store.

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India is a spiritual oasis and a true assault to your senses—in the best sense of the word. Its smells, sounds, and colors will transport you a million miles outside of your comfort zone. Home to high-end ashrams and Hindu houses that specialize in yoga, detox, and fitness, you can dedicate an entire week towards reconnecting with your soul. We love G Adventures' Essential India Tour, which takes you and other like-minded (and often solo) travelers on a 15-day odyssey through the mosques and markets of Delhi, the palaces and rural villages around Jaipur, and the monasteries and riverbanks of Varanasi.

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Newfoundland is home to some of Canada's most rugged landscapes—think rolling mountains, deep valley gorges, and stunning wildlife—as well as an up-and-coming food scene and fiercely friendly locals. Experience nature both breathtaking and physically demanding during a four-day hiking adventure on the Long Range Traverse, one of the province's most famous (and challenging) trails that takes in Canadian backcountry, resident moose and caribou, and views of coastal fjords so breathtaking you'll forget all about that difficult split. After your fill of the woods, get a taste of city life in the capital of St. John's, a harbor town with candy-colored row homes, local brewpubs, and an old-school fishing wharf along with a handful of award-winning restaurants including Merchant Tavern and Raymonds.

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Though old-world Havana lures most of Cuba's tourists, there's more to this country than just its capital city. From Trinidad's bright and colorful streets to Santiago de Cuba's beautiful harbor to the quaint village vibe of Cienfuegos, the country is a perfect place to backpack and get lost. Though you'll need some Spanish skills to get around, it's a relatively safe and surprisingly easy place to navigate on your own. Homestays are a great starting point for visiting the back-street restaurants and artisan shops of its off-the-radar towns, but if you'd rather have someone take care of the planning, join up to 16 travelers (often less) on Intrepid's 15-day Best of Cuba tour, which fully immerses you in the local culture with lessons in Spanish and salsa, swims in the Bay of Pigs, and bike rides through sugar plantations and colonial settlements.

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Thanks to a great exchange rate, English-speaking locals, and expansive, diverse terrain, Australia is a go-to for those seeking a far-flung yet comfortable escape. Whether you prefer coffee tastings and boutique shopping (Melbourne), beach-bumming and world-class architecture (Sydney), or bush camping, hiking, and diving (Perth), Australia's city life has something for every type of traveler. If you're hoping to go off the grid, head to Tasmania and get lost on the Overland Trek or visit to the rapidly diminishing Great Barrier Reef on the east coast, where diving camps and low-key hippie villages are great spots to meet others going it alone.

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With famous hiking trails like the Annapurna Circuit and Everest Base Camp, Nepal is the ultimate playground for hikers looking for a challenge while soaking up views of the snow-capped Himalayan mountains. Many treks can be tackled solo, but we recommend hiring a guide (and a band of Sherpas) to help carry your bags, as the elevation (sometimes exceeding 18,000 feet above sea level) is tough even for the most experienced hikers. Book a tour with World Expeditions, which has been taking groups of travelers to Nepal for years and built a powerful network of the country's best porters in the process.

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Home to the spiritual Incan ruins of Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, and the majestic Amazon rainforest, Peru is a country shrouded in mystery. Its bigger cities—Cusco, Lima, Arequipa—are relatively easy to navigate for anyone who speaks a touch of Spanish, while its expansive hiking trails will get your heart pumping, as you get up close and personal with the country's natural wonders. The Inca Trail is Peru's most popular route, but there are a handful of others that are just as awe-inspiring (and less crowded), like the mountainous trek to the Lost City of Choquequirao or the staggering 16,000-foot climb along the Huayhuash Circuit, in a remote section of the Andes. If you're looking to book an Amazon adventure, check out G Adventure's maritime explorations, which sails you—and fellow active adventurers—from Lima through the expansive Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.

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It's hard not to feel completely rocked by the sheer natural beauty of Norway's shimmering fjords and pastel-colored fishing villages. The country is a haven for solo travelers, who come for both the big-city perks of Oslo and more rugged explorations in the country's interior. For a dream-worthy getaway that guides you along the country's Northern Coast, book one of Hurtigruten's 9–11 day coastal sailings. All food and expeditions are included, so the only expense you'll be shelling out for is a well-deserved drink (or two) after days of spotting polar bears and kayaking between icebergs. If you'd rather drive than sail, start in Bergen and head north, making sure to give yourself plenty of time to soak up the waterfalls, rolling mountains, glacial carved valleys, and quaint towns (like Trondheim and Flam) along the way.

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New Zealand

With more adrenaline-packed adventures per capita than anywhere else on the planet, New Zealand is the unofficial adventure capital of the world—not to mention one of the best places to travel alone, thanks to its safety and immersive experiences for single travelers. The best way to get a sense of both North and South Islands is during Flying Kiwi's 28-day Ultimate Explorer Adventure Tour. You'll hike, bike, kayak, climb, sky-dive, bungee jump, swim, and walk your way through some of the country's most beautiful cities and landmarks, including Milford Sound, the Bay of Islands, Fiordland National Park, Rotorua, and Queenstown.

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Costa Rica

There's no end to what solo adventurers can get up to in Costa Rica, from hiking and zip-lining to white-water rafting and beach activities like tanning, snorkeling and swimming. Singles Travel International recommends hiking Manuel Antonio National Park, which is home to lush rainforests and unique wildlife (howler monkeys; three-toed sloths), or hitting Tamarindo Beach for surf lessons and zip-lining through the neighboring rainforest. After some heart-pounding adventure and relaxation, get involved with volunteer activities like teaching English or helping protect endangered wildlife (such as sea turtles) that give back to the community and introduce you to locals and fellow volunteers. For an affordable, singles-friendly place to stay, check out La Posada Private Jungle Bungalows bordering Manuel Antonio National Park, which hosts free family-style dinners three times a week and has a luxurious swimming pool overlooking the forest.

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