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The Best Portable Speakers for Travel

Here at Jetsetter, we're constantly testing out new travel gear and accessories. But as unremitting as our product-reviewing schedule is, there just aren't enough hours in the day to try every single gadget that comes across our desks—which is why in times of need, we turn to trusty Amazon reviews to identify the best products to bring on the road. Here, 8 Amazon-approved speakers we’ll be packing for our next trip. (Note: Reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)

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Anker Classic Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Rating: 4.4 stars, 6,153 reviews

Review: "This speaker was a hit on the beach in Florida. The bluetooth feature connected easily with my phone and I was able to listen to my playlist no problem. People were amazed by the quality of the sound and the volume. I also love that its compact enough to be carried around in my purse or beach bag."

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Harman Kardon Onyx Mini Portable Wireless Speaker

Rating: 4.6 stars, 149 reviews

Review: "Holy cow, this little speaker is amazing! How something this size generates such rich bass is incomprehensible to me. After trying tons and tons of larger speakers, this is now my go-to for portable sound. The acoustics are well balanced and the bass doesn't kill off any of the highs or mids—I've enjoyed both heavy EDM and classical music on this speaker."

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Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Bluetooth Speaker

Rating: 4.5 stars, 20,147 reviews

Review: "This little thing is awesome! I took it on a float trip recently and was really impressed by the sound and durability. It lasted all day on high volume, paired easily with my iPhone, and stayed connected over a great distance. And because of its price point, I didn't stress about the possibility of it accidentally falling into the water."

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JBL Clip 2 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Rating: 4.6 stars, 536 reviews

Review: "The JBL Clip 2 is a small speaker with big sound. I secure it to my belt loop whenever I'm boating, and love that it's lightweight, water-resistant, and has Bluetooth functionality (so I don't have to deal with cords). I even once left it out in the pouring rain, and it continues to play my favorite music as well as ever."

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AYL Portable Mini Capsule Speaker System 

Rating: 4.2 stars, 5,455 reviews

Review: "OMG, I love this little speaker. How that much good sound can come from that tiny thing is truly a marvel. We bought it for our trip to Vegas and couldn't get over how well it filled our hotel room with sound—or how little space it took up in our suitcase. I can't recommend this enough. What a bargain!!"

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UE Roll 2 

Rating: 4.4 stars, 918 reviews

Review: "This speaker packs a TON of high quality sound and is probably one of the best purchases I've ever made off Amazon. I use it when I'm at the beach, kayaking, and hanging out by the pool. The fact that it's waterproof and shockproof makes it the perfect speaker for the outdoors."

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JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Rating: 4.7 stars, 628 reviews

Review: "I love this speaker for its sound quality, portability, and water-resistance. The sound is amazing and it's great for traveling or a day trip because of its size and cylindrical shape, which allows you to easily fit it in a side strap on a backpack. And because it's water-resistant, you don't have to stress about bringing it to the pool, to the beach, on the river, etc. I have dunked it in the water many times and it works just fine."

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