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11 Travel-Friendly Portable Chargers

In 2017, our phones are no longer just phones. We use them to fire off emails, snap all our photographs, get directions to wherever we’re going, check our bank accounts, and more. And when it comes to travel, we need peace of mind that whether our mode of transport has outlets, or not, we’ll be able to recharge. Here, 11 travel-friendly portable chargers—from well-respected, less than $20 options, to top-of-the-line, worth-investing-in models—that will ensure you’re never frantically placing a call on one percent battery again.

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RAVPower 16750mAh External Battery Charger

This slim $30 option packs a punch with dual ports for double the charging and enough juice to revive an iPhone 7 five times over. Don't believe it given the price? The Amazon best-seller has 9,942 five-star reviews.

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EMTEC Power Pouch

Compatible with iPhone, Android, and Samsung Galaxy, this nifty power pouch is great for day-to-day use. Hook your phone up to the hidden reserve battery for two full charges or 27 hours of talk time.

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Anker PowerCore 20100

This pocket-sized charger can recharge an iPhone 7 almost seven times, a Galaxy S6 five times, or an iPad mini 4 twice. It also comes with an 18-month warranty, but given its 7,630 five-star reviews—we don't think you'll be needing it.

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ZeroLemon ToughJuice Portable Charger

When it comes to power, the 30000mAh ZeroLemon is no joke. The power bank has five USB ports (including one that's quick charge) and can bring your iPhone 7 back to life 11 times. But most impressive? It can fully charge a MacBook.

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Mophie Charge Force Powerstation

Mophies have been kickin' around the portable charger scene for a long time, and for good reason. Their 10,000mAh powerstation model can simultaneously charge two devices and is compatible with QI and other wireless enabled technologies.

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Nomad Advanced Trackable PowerPack

Calling all adventure travelers! This fast-charging power pack comes equipped with Bluetooth tracking, is compatible with nearly all devices, and can withstand drops thanks to a military-grade, impact-resistant rubber exterior.

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Jackery Bar Pocket-Sized Portable Battery

Lightweight, sleek, and effecient, the Jackery Bar is a steal at less than $30. With 2.1A output, it's also capable of charging more demanding devices like iPads and e-Readers.

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Lepow 10,000mAh Power Bank

The Lepow's slim design means it's easy to stow in pockets and purses. Add super fast charging, a battery level detector, and a cool mint green exterior to the equation and it's easy to see why it's one of our favorites.

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Aibocn 10,000mAh Power Bank

Aibocn's 10,000mAh power bank uses smart technology to protect against over-charge, over-voltage, over-current, and short circuiting. The model's back-up flashlight also makes it a great camping, hiking, and all around outdoor companion.

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Lumina 10,000mAh Ultra Compact Portable Charger

The Lumina is drop resistant, dual charging, and compact. The best part? It'll only run you $25 and it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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Tzumi Pocket Juice

The Tzumi Pocket Juice comes pre-charged and is almost universally compatible when it comes to smartphones and tablets. Its smart design—we're talking a UV and impact resistant protective shell—also makes it ideal for travel.

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