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The Best Men’s Swim Trunks

The good news: You don't have to have spent all winter locked in the gym to turn heads on the beach this summer. But you will need to upgrade those drab hand-me-downs or old-school board shorts with the hems to your knees (a definite faux-pas in 2017). Here are 10 men's swim trunks that will get you the right kind of double-takes this swimsuit season. Dive in!

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Modern Amusement Treasure Island Swim Trunks

Don't shy away from bright colors or vidid patterns— especially if you're on the scrawny side and can afford to pull off bolder styles.

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Classic Trunks

A classic pair for the preppy dude.

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Modern Amusement Blocked Striped

These 18" boardshorts are a solid choice for more athletic pursuits, like surfing or boating.

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H&M Swim Shorts

This grey-green pair are a fail-safe choice for the guy who wants to experiment with color but isn't ready to go all-out yet.

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The Banzai E-Waist Trunk

With a five-inch inseam, this Bonobos pair might be shorter than what you're used to. But trust us: when you're 60, you'll be glad you rocked these bad boys in your younger days.

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J. Crew Swim Trunk in Stripe

This slim-fitting pair is made from a moisture-wicking, quick-drying nylon with a breathable mesh lining.

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J. Crew Board Shorts Navy Floral

The benefit of wearing a more fashion-forward suit? Throw on a white tee and voilà, you're ready for the beach bar.

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Everlane The Board Short

This pair is resistant to wear from chlorine, so you'll be able to rock 'em for many summers to come.

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The Banzai Trunk

Every gent under the sun will look good in this perfect-fitting trunk.

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Pull-On Swim Trunks

Trend-averse dudes: this timelessly good-looking suit is for you.

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