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The Best Items JS Editors Bought in the Last Decade

As we dive in to 2020, our editors are looking back at the items they loved most over the past decade. The choices weren’t easy (think about all the products you try over 10 years!), but some stood out above the rest. Here, the long-loved picks we’re bringing into the new year.

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Mansur Gavriel Brandy Mini Bucket Bag

“I purchased this bucket bag in 2016 and have used it almost every day since. There is so much I love about it: the classic shape, the perfect size, the amazing quality. The vegetable-tanned leather has worn so well that I actually think it looks better now than the day I bought it. I went with the brandy leather/avion interior combo, but there are so many color options it’s easy to suit any style. It’s not a cheap bag, but after four years and counting I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth.”

— Gretchen Dorosz, Senior Photo Editor

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The Marshall Stanmore Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

“I’ve always said if my apartment was on fire, this Marshall Wireless Bluetooth speaker would be the one thing I would risk my life to grab and save. I purchased this speaker in 2014 and it has seen several apartments (and played numerous genres of music) since then. The day it was delivered in the mail was right before a New Year’s Eve party I was hosting and it was the perfect party addition. Its vintage aesthetic looks great, the music sounds awesome, my friends can connect quickly via Bluetooth, and it’s portable; I can easily move it from room to room without worrying about a complicated setup. I recently found my old iPod from the early 2000s and was able to hook it up with the included RCA cable. Let’s just say I was jamming to Jennifer Lopez’s ‘I’m Real’ and Christina Aguilera’s ‘Lady Marmalade’ all night long.”

— Melissa Sciorra, Marketing Manager

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NEST Black Tulip Eau de Parfum Spray

“I first tried a sample of NEST Black Tulip when it was released in 2016—I think it came in one of those Sephora perfume sampler kits. After wearing it out once or twice, I knew I needed to splurge on the full size bottle. Before this, I’d never been interested in having a ‘signature scent’—I always just spritzed on whatever fragrance I had closest to me without much thought. But NEST Black Tulip smells different from anything I’ve tried before and makes me feel confident every time I wear it. Even after using it almost every weekend, my bottle has lasted for what feels like forever, and I can’t imagine entering the new decade without it.”

— Jackie Homan, Style + Travel Editor

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J Brand Maria High-Rise Skinny In Eco Seriously Black

“I’ve had my black J Brand skinny jeans for over five years and I still wear them.  Of course, they’ve faded quite a bit and are more of a dark gray color now, but I like them even better this way. I’m sure I’ll be due for a new pair soon, but for now these are perfect.”

— Clara Sedlak, Executive Editor

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Parentesi Lamp

“One of the key moves I made in the last decade was switching up my sound system (thank you, Sonos). But from a different and purely aesthetic perspective, the Flos Parentesi lamp that I bought in 2014 continues to be a favorite. It was designed in the 70s and basically consists of a bulb that slides up and down a steel cord that hangs from the ceiling. Honestly, the best word to describe it is 'cool.’ I still admire it every time I walk into my apartment.”

— Saman Westberg, Style Correspondent

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Adidas Superstar Sneakers

“I feel like I’ve been wearing Adidas sneakers my whole life—at least as far back as my elementary school years playing indoor soccer. These days, I never walk through an airport without my comfortably worn-in Superstars. The brand’s three-stripe design is unmistakable, and I love that they come in tons of colors. The ones I have right now are rose gold, but I’m thinking of getting a second all-white pair so they age slower.”

— Lindsey Olander, Senior Editor

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Amazon Fire TV Stick

“Forgoing cable with the Amazon Fire TV Stick was one of the best choices I made this decade. I never have time to watch shows when they come out weekly anymore, so having all of my favorite streaming services built into one device allows me to watch as I please, whenever I want. For the affordable price, it was more than worth it.”

— Tyler Schoeber, Production Specialist

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Vince Distressed Ribbed Cardigan

“A ribbed cardigan has been a wardrobe staple for me for years now, and I don’t plan on changing that in the new decade. This is my favorite accessory because of its versatility—it can easily go from dressed-up with a crisp button-down to casual with a T-shirt and jean jacket. The one pictured above from Vince is a super cozy blend of wool and cashmere and has some light distressing throughout. Definitely not your grandpa’s cardigan.”

— David Hattan, Photo Editor

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Vera Bradley Large Travel Duffel Bag

“I have schlepped this Vera Bradley bag all over the world, from Cape Cod to Australia to New Zealand to Fiji to Florida... it has come with me everywhere since 2010. It may not be the chicest bag in a sea of minimalist packing options, but it has its advantages. It comes in dozens of bright patterns so it’s basically un-losable, it’s lightweight, it has a Mary Poppins quality by which it fits a shocking volume of stuff, and it’s easily washable. There is also a particular nostalgia for me because there was a point in time in the early 2010s when all of my friends packed this bag for sleepovers, road trips, and spring break trips, and many of them still have their original duffels because their usefulness does not expire.”

— Elizabeth Mullen, Marketing Strategist

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