Farma dispensary in Portland Oregon

Check Out America’s Most Beautiful Cannabis Dispensaries

CBD, a non-intoxicating, legal extract of the marijuana plant said to treat illnesses, has taken the wellness circuit by storm—bringing America one step closer to legalizing cannabis as a whole. As states continue to move forward with legalization (or continue to tackle the debate), dispensaries have begun popping up around the country, offering an entirely new and—dare we say it—refined shopping experience. Far from the fluorescent lights of your neighborhood corner pharmacy, these 11 dispensaries are the prettiest ones we know.

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Farma dispensary in Portland Oregon

Images Courtesy of Farma/Lincoln Barbour

Farma, Portland, OR

We’ve never seen a medical clinic look this good. Farma was at the forefront of Oregon’s cannabis movement long before it ever became legalized. Now that it has, they’ve put the style spin on their interiors for their growing audience: thanks to the deft eye of architect Anne Niedergang, the bright lights and clean white walls found in most pharmacies now share space with cheeky-yet-comforting details like blue bar chairs, a circular rug, and a cross-shaped wall hanging overflowing with plants.

Barbary Coast dispensary in San Francisco
Barbary Coast dispensary in San Francisco
Barbary Coast dispensary in San Francisco

Barbary Coast, San Francisco, CA

No, this isn’t a speakeasy-style bar or hotel lobby you’re walking into (though it’s trying its best). Look past all the mahogany wood, leather chairs, and Persian rugs at Barbary Coast and you’ll realize you’re in one of San Francisco’s most popular dispensaries. Even the experience is deceiving: guests belly up to a bar on brass-studded stools and peruse through menus laid out like cocktail lists for their recreational order of choice.

Good Chemistry dispensary in Aurora Colorado.

Image Courtesy of Ellen Jaskol

Good Chemistry, Aurora, CO

Good Chemistry has a presence in Denver, but their second outpost over in Aurora is worth a look, too. The owner hired designers and branders to recreate a former Blockbuster, and the result is both sleek and smart: dark walls and woods emphasize the spotlights thrown on four color-coded stations, which each represent different strains—sleep, relief, relaxation, and stimulation—and explain their effects and chemical makeup. The idea is to make the subculture less intimidating to less-experienced customers while also emphasizing the quality of their ingredients.

NETA Brookline Interior

New England Treatment Access, Brookline, MA

We’re not sure how Franz Joseph Untersee, the original architect behind Boston’s historic Brookline Bank, would feel about a dispensary taking over his regal space. Nevertheless, here we are: Boston’s first cannabis dispensary is here, and, with its sleek stone flooring, high doric columns, arched windows, and a signature blue-domed ceiling lording over it all, it might just be one of the prettiest on our list.

Serra Downtown, Portland, OR

“Hip” is all we have to say about this Portland dispensary chain, whose interiors—matte black walls, Edison bulbs, and letterpress stationery—could pass for any boutique you’d find in Brooklyn. They’re self-prescribed “Purveyors of Quality Drugs,” and we’ll believe it, thanks to the gallery-like wall of strains organized by category and color. Don’t miss a taste from their espresso machine on your way in or out.

Dispensary 33, Chicago, IL

Dispensary 33 takes an artful approach to its medical business, with splashy murals of the marijuana plant taking up much of its wall space and light-wood-and-glass display cases that present their product almost like a museum would.

Harvest on Geary, San Francisco, CA

The organic supermarket vibe is strong at Harvest on Geary, which hands out metal baskets to visitors so they can shop at leisure—whether that’s to pick up some strains, a concentrate refill, or flowers for their shelves back home.

Silverpeak Apothecary, Aspen, CO

The woodsy side of Aspen comes out at this subterranean cannabis den, where a beamed ceiling lit by faux skylights and walls made of light wood shelves set the stage for a beautiful presentation of bottled flowers, concentrates, and edibles. What’s more, there’s no third-party outsourcing here—everything is grown in the 25,000-square-foot greenhouse at High Valley Farm, Silverpeak’s personal facility located in nearby Basalt.

Interior of SPARC in San Francisco
Interior of SPARC in San Francisco

SPARC, San Francisco, CA

As far as design goes, it doesn’t get more classic than SPARC, which has been called “the Apple store of pot shops” and won an AIA interior architecture design award in 2011. The soft back lighting, blond wood cabinets, and hanging shelves lined with potted plants add to the mystique, but it’s not all looks: founder Erich Pearson is a well-known name in the industry due to his commitment to the biodynamic, organic, and sustainable methods used on his Sonoma County growing farm.

Parlour Cannabis Shoppe, Portland, OR

The candy shop vibes are real at this new-age apothecary in southwest Portland, whose walls are covered in ivory subway tiles, lights are hung with embroidered banners emblazoned with mantras like “Choose Joy” and “Let It Go,” and samples are ladled out from glass jars behind the counter by so-called “budtenders.”

Citiva Dispensary in Brooklyn, NY
Citiva Dispensary in Brooklyn, NY

Citiva, Brooklyn, NY

There’s nothing “hidden” about Brooklyn’s first medical marijuana dispensary, which opened near Barclays Center last December. Inside, you’ll find pharmacists wearing brown vests looking appropriately hipster, ready to recommend which cartridge would most benefit you (be it Bedtime or Good Morning Sunshine). Just don’t expect any green stuff: because cannabis isn’t legal yet in New York State, everything has been processed into oil or tincture (drops) of varying CBD levels. You also have to own an active New York State Medical Marijuana I.D. to purchase anything, but anyone is allowed inside to look, inquire, and pick up a branded shirt or water bottle.

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