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7 Beautiful Landscapes for Aspiring Photographers

Want to take your Instagram to the next level? With these beautiful landscapes, it's impossible to take a bad shot.

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This country in South Asia is all for the photo-ops. If you’re serious about your craft, sign up for one of the National Geographic expeditions. A professional photographer leads these week-long workshops to Bhutan’s Buddhist temples, Himalayan hamlets and lush valleys.

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Who hasn’t dreamed of exploring this Nordic getaway? Get your perfect shot on a cruise through the towering fjords or a snowy expedition to see the northern lights. We love the remote Lofoten Islands, where you’ll find sleepy waterfront villages surrounded by glacial waters and icy peaks.

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This African escape has enough color and movement to fill every shot. In Marrakech, get lost in the maze-like souks, which are covered in treasures and trinkets from the world over (exotic fabrics, gold lamps, hand-painted pottery) and then retreat to your own riad, an oasis of a hotel converted from old mansions. Or if you’d prefer one tone only, the entire city of Chefchaouen is washed in sky blue, hence its nickname the blue city.

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For true adventurers, Antarctica is as wild as it gets. Glaciers, penguins and snow-capped cliffs dominate each frame. And though you’ll get some epic shots from the bow of a boat, we suggest taking a helicopter to snap some jaw-dropping aerial views.

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American Southwest

Sure, there are plenty of gorgeous places around the world, but our own Southwest is nothing to sniff at. Home to Antelope Canyon, Zion National Park, Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, and more, this region is a photographer’s heaven. Your itinerary should include Angel’s Landing, The Narrows, and Horseshoe Bend.

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Greek Islands

Santorini. Mykonos. Crete. There’s a reason these atolls are famous. Capture the whitewashed buildings, royal blue doors, and sunsets over the Aegean from each of the cliffside towns. Just don’t forget to put down the camera and soak it all in every once in a while.

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This beautiful landscape stretches across Chile and Argentina, and is one of the most diverse settings you’ll find. The weather and terrain can change in a minute, so no two shots will look alike. Take the time to trek the Torres del Paine Glacier Circuit, where you’ll see crystal-clear lakes, rolling hillsides, and massive mountains. In fact, there are seven different ecosystems in Patagonia—meaning wildlife like guanacos and condors are prime focal points.

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