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41% of Americans Didn’t Take Their Vacation Days (Don’t Be One of Them)

Stop being martyrs and get out from behind the desk, Jetsetters. Repeat after me: I will take all my vacation days in 2016!

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This just can’t be right: A recent Skift survey found that nearly 41 percent of Americans didn’t take a single vacation day in 2015 (what’s wrong with you, people?). And on top of that, another 17 percent reported they took less than 5 days off.

It turns out 18-35 year olds were the worst offenders, women took off less time than men and wealthy Americans vacationed the most (no surprise, there). Europeans, on the other hand, have got it right: Most countries across the pond must under law offer at least 4 weeks paid vacation, plus holiday time ⎯ and almost every employee takes it (yes, you read that right).

Obviously, Americans are burned out and under-vacationed, and employers are thankfully starting to listen. Leading the way are forward-thinking companies like Netflix, LinkedIn and Skift, which have all introduced unlimited vacations ⎯ and we’re hoping the trend continues. Because sitting behind a desk, all day, everyday is NOT on our 2016 to-do list.

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