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The World’s Most Amazing Paths

For us New Yorkers, a gentle, meandering path is the ultimate escape — the views, romance, and mystery of it all is so seductive we're almost willing to put the iPhone away. Here's our list of the top 13 around the world.

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Acorn Street, Boston, MA

Bordered by historic 1820s homes and Mt. Vernon's colorful gardens, this cobblestone street in Beacon Hill is one of our favorite New England alleys (it's also one of the most photographed in the country). Go for a sunset stroll, and soak in the Beantown charm... just don't wear heels.

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Wisteria Flower Tunnel, Japan

In Japan's Kawachi Fujien Garden, you'll walk underneath a fairytale tunnel of flowers made of more than 22 types of wisteria blossoms and 150 trees. It's the perfect insta opp.

Trip Ideas tree outdoor habitat Nature woodland natural environment wilderness Forest park ecosystem autumn season leaf plant temperate broadleaf and mixed forest woody plant old growth forest sunlight trail deciduous landscape temperate coniferous forest stream rainforest biome wood wooded area

Redwood Path, Muir Woods, CA

A short trip from SF is one of California’s most iconic forests: the Redwoods. The national park's massive trees tower above at 250 feet high and up to 14 feet wide. (Some are so big, you can even drive your car through the trunk!) For the best views, hike the flat trails around the 400- to 800-year-old giants.

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Chefchaouen, Morocco

No, there's no photoshop here. This Moroccan city is actually 50 shades of dreamy blue. Wander the winding streets to admire the cobalt walls and turquoise carved wooden doors that lead to exotic riads and secret gardens.

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Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

It's not hard to see how this long, leafy tunnel got its reputation as one of the most romantic trails around the world. Deep in the forest of the Ukraine, the lush two-mile passage is actually a working railroad, but at any hour you can find lovebirds strolling hand-in-hand along the tracks.

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Via Krupp, Capri, Italy

You can’t come to Capri without walking this scenic switchback. Built in the early 1900s, the cliffside path has a series of hairpin turns that link Marina Piccola and the botanical Gardens of Augustus, with some of the most spellbinding sea vistas in all of Italy.

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Trip Ideas tree plant grass habitat Nature outdoor green vegetation woodland natural environment ecosystem grove Forest botany woody plant leaf land plant temperate broadleaf and mixed forest deciduous old growth forest branch sunlight autumn flower temperate coniferous forest area

Wormsloe, Savannah, GA

There's nothing more southern than an alluring avenue of ancient oaks, dripping in Spanish moss. Just 20 minutes from downtown Savannah, this long, scenic drive was built by a group of British settlers in the 18th century and leads to the Wormsloe ruins, a former plantation owned by one of Georgia's colonial founders.

Trip Ideas tree outdoor grass habitat plant Forest woodland flower natural environment ecosystem land plant path biome woody plant wood meadow flowering plant lupin wildflower temperate coniferous forest wooded shrub area surrounded lush

Hallerbos Forest, Belgium

In the spring, this whimsical 1,360-acre forest comes alive with a carpet of purple bluebell flowers. Go for an early-morning walk, when fog floats between the huge Sequoia trees, creating a mysteriously seductive atmosphere.

Trip Ideas habitat green Nature tree natural environment atmospheric phenomenon Forest grass plant woodland sunlight leaf morning woody plant field rural area bamboo Jungle autumn grass family

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Kyoto, Japan

Stand amid the bamboo grove's soaring green stalks and you'll feel like you're in another world. Sunlight filters through the bamboo shoots, illuminating the scenic path, and the stunning Buddhist Tenryu-ji Temple is just steps away.

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Frigiliana, Spain

Cobblestone side streets. Whitewashed houses. Flower-filled villages. There's nothing dreamier than this sleepy town in the southern region of Andalusia. Here, you can stroll by charming fountains, 16th-century palaces and quaint churches.

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Bernese Oberland, Swiss Alps

Jungfrau, a massive peak known as the Top of Europe, is impressive and all, but Switzerland's best hiking is actually in the Bernese Oberland valley below. Lush green trails bloom with wildflowers, cows graze on the countryside and charming chalets dot the landscape. We recommend riding the cog train from Interlaken up the east side of the ridge (past Lauterbrunnen) to Kleine Scheidegg, then hike down west to Grindelwald.

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Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan

This 470-acre park has more blooms than the eye can see. There's 4.5 million baby blue-eyes flowers, a million daffodils and 170 types of tulips. To take them all in, rent a bike and pedal along the colorful paths by the Pacific Ocean.

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Tirimbina Biological Reserve, Costa Rica

Attention adrenaline junkies: this walkway is for you. Deep in the Tirimbina Rainforest is a long suspension bridge (for those brave enough to cross it). It swings over the Sarapiqui River and overlooks the treetop canopy that's teeming with exotic birds and monkeys.

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Glass Skywalk, Tianmen Mountain, China

Tianmen Mountain has some of the best views in China — if you dare to look down. To get near the summit, you'll have to ride the world's longest cable car and cross a cliff-hanging glass-floored path, known as the Walk of Faith. The 200-foot-long terror is not for the faint of heart; it's a sheer drop of more than 3,500 feet!



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