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April Shopping Haul: 26 Things Our Editors Are Buying This Month

Times may be strange right now, but it's finally spring, and we've found some awesome items to get us through the month. From an indoor gardening kit to a trendy workout set, here's what JS editors are splurging on now.

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Gretchen Dorosz, Senior Photo Editor

“With the extra time on my hands this month, I’m trying to keep busy with projects like sewing, cooking, and, most recently, knitting. Some bamboo needles and a neutral-colored wool yarn have been the perfect tools for a beginner like myself—I’m currently working on a scarf (that at this rate will be done in time for next winter!) I’m also focusing more on skincare, and my current obsession is this night serum by Dr. Barbara Sturm. I swear this stuff is magic. I don’t know how she does it, but every night that I use this serum I wake up with skin that looks plumper and with less noticeable fine lines. Finally, now that it’s spring, I’m getting ready to splurge on these clogs that I’ve been eyeing for months, even if I can only wear them at home and during walks around the block for the time being.”

Lindsey Olander, Senior Editor

“Home is where my heart is right now—at least until we can travel again—so I’m putting everything into making my space and my time there the best it can be. This month, I’m investing in a new workout set for runs around the neighborhood and a cozy throw—I’m anticipating many upcoming movie nights! My husband and I have also been cooking up a storm, so we just purchased a pair of white marble trivets from Snowe. They add a little extra ‘wow’ to the dinner table.”

David Hattan, Photo Editor

“April is usually when I start picking out a new spring wardrobe, but since I’ll be indoors most of the month, I’m just going to grab a couple things to make staying in more enjoyable. I’ve started doing yoga in the morning before work, so I’m getting a new yoga mat to help me stay motivated. And now that I’m home all day, pretty much anytime is happy hour! This soda machine will carbonate any drink, unlike others that only work with water. Hello instant gin and tonics and sparkling wine!”

Jackie Homan, Style & Travel Editor

“After hearing so much hype about weighted blankets, I finally decided to try one myself, and I’m loving it—especially now that I can sleep in a little later on weekdays. To stay active, I’ve been taking walks around my neighborhood, but it’s been rainy lately, which is where my new Hunter booties come in. And lastly, I’m living in hoodies these days and have my eye on this luxe-looking one from NakedCashmere to grab next.”

Clara Sedlak, Executive Editor

“I’ve realized during quarantine how badly I need cozy slippers to wear around my apartment. My feet are always cold! You can’t go wrong with this pair from UGG.”

Kate Reynolds, Senior Product Manager

“This month I’m finding new ways to stay busy at home. I’ve started a windowsill herb garden. If you’re running out of activities for your kids, task them with planting a few kitchen staples and have them document the growth with photos and notes each day! If you’ve got anyone in your house that loves spice, try recreating the hot sauce challenge from Hot Ones, the show where celebrities are interviewed while sampling a line of increasingly spicy wings. You must watch Hot Ones while doing this. If you watch one episode and one episode only, it must be Paul Rudd. When I’m feeling nostalgic, I spend some time poring over my favorite photos on my phone. It’s nice to see the faces of people I love and the places that I miss. I’m working on a project to upload my favorites to Artifact Uprising for prints and potentially a book. If you’re an avid Instagram photographer, you’ll love this site!”

Saman Westberg, Style Correspondent

“Honestly, I feel silly even thinking about bathing suits. All the uncertainty right now makes it hard to think about tomorrow, let alone this summer. But having something to look forward to is keeping me sane, so I went ahead and ordered this J. Crew one-piece.  It’s simple and feminine, and just the thing I was looking for. I also ordered this thin-strapped racerback tank, which I might possibly be wearing every single day.”

Cara Sweeney, Marketing Specialist

“My credit card has taken a real beating since quarantine began. Silver lining: I’ve found some winners in my late-night shopping sprees! This squalane facial oil was recommended by a friend and is incredibly moisturizing but light. My skin feels totally refreshed in the morning! The extended time indoors has also spurred a (hopeful) rekindled love for outdoor running. I found these sneakers, which seem really supportive and cute (necessary). Lastly, all this shopping and running calls for caffeine. I found this cold brew pitcher on Amazon and it has made some of the best cold brew I’ve had—bottoms up!”

Elizabeth Mullen, Marketing Strategist

“Amidst all of the uncertainty floating around right now, I’ve been stocking up on creature comforts and holing up at home. I ordered a few candles from Noted, a local-to-me Boston-based brand, and I pretty much always have one burning in my apartment while I’m working. I almost never spend big on kitchen appliances, but after a few weeks of French Press coffee I was really missing my lattes and finally cracked and bought this Nespresso machine. I’ve heard good things, so I’m hoping it will serve me well for years to come. Finally, I just added this dress from Reformation to my cart since I’m finding that wearing real clothes while working from home helps me feel more human. It’s a great comfy piece that I can wear out and about in the real world in the months ahead!”

Tyler Schoeber, Production Specialist

“Now that it’s been a hell of a lot harder to do, well, anything, I’m trying to figure out ways to entertain myself in the comfort of my own home. First and foremost, I’m anticipating the liquor store down the street could close any day now, so I placed a bulk order with NakedWines. Offering serious price chops for members is a steal I’m absolutely here for. I also finished two books in the span of two weeks, so I’m fresh out now that all the bookstores have closed. I’m taking this time to FINALLY purchase a Kindle. I know, I’m way 2000 and late, but better late than never, right? Lastly, EA is having a wild sale right now due to the times, cutting some prices in half and others by as much as 80%. I took this opportunity to snag myself a download of The Sims 4 for only $6. And yes, I did buy an expansion pack, too…”

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