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What To Know

  • Overwater villas are alluring, but if direct beach access is more important to you, then the Beach Villas are your best bet
  • Water Villas have private decks, jacuzzis, and outdoor showers
  • The resort has a dive center that can take you to sites all over Palawan
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Huma Island Resort & Spa
Palawan, 5317 Philippines


4.0 Very Good 241 Reviews
No paradise and no money - scam
Reviewed 1 month ago

We reserved our stay in Huma and paid in full, including land and sea trip. No itinerary has been sent to us. We became concerned and called. At vain, they did not return phones nor emails. At last, five days before the trip to the Philippines and using a Philippine contact we managed to connect with Hyasinth from their Manila office. She was kind and suggested that we try another resort and be fully refunded by the Huma resort. We were lucky to have rooms available at the "Three Season Resort ." and had an enjoyable stay there. Meanwhile Huma asked for a cancellation letter and once they received it they engaged in a long pursuit ending in blunt refusal to refund us. We have never encountered such dishonest treatment anywhere else. Watch your money!

Horrible service
Reviewed 6 months ago

As you can see on many other reviews, you should never spend your money on this resort. The service was horrible. It was a bad sign when, upon arrival, my friend and I asked for a second room key and they could not give us one. It went down from there - from no ice, no margaritas, extremely slow meals, broken jacuzzis, and incompetent staff and management.

Not worth the money
Reviewed 6 months ago

Cons - not so great rooms..not maintained, not enough supplies, not trained staff, poor coordination on transpo, a lot of areas not clean at all...gyms falling apart..foods over priced..alcohol way too expensive..all other restos not open except blue bar

Pros - Chef Srikanth was a rockstar and made the trip amazing!!!
The beach is so so but the life guard took us on an amazing snorkel tour in the island which was great!!

Summary - so much potential if the place was maintained and staff trained..could be the best really if this was done

DREADFUL Huma Island Resort
Reviewed 6 months ago

The Answer is NO!!!
Dont Bother, Dont waste your time & your MONEY to book at Huma Island Resort.

I would go as far as to call the whole business a scam!. Disgusting to say the least. Please read on.

Firstly, you get almost no time to consider your options after showing interest in booking time at this resort, as their responce email/s have an overwhelming tone of “ you better pay soon, and pay in full, otherwise we may not be able to guarantee you the selective room/s you are interested in. Although technically correct, in this case at Huma island resort, the responce comes with a hidden agenda.

Biggest problem is, there is NO management at this Ghost Resort.

No Bossman, Manager or supervisor exist here.

In my opinion, the whole resort is being run by 6 youngsters. The only 6 people we ever got to see or deal with. None of them are likely older than 25.
At the same time i wish to mention that i salute each of these 6 people, as they are doing everything in their ability to make one enjoy the paid prison sentence at the resort.

These individuals are Rual, Nest, ninjou, Vince, Mark & the head chef.

Unfortunately they can only do that much with the nothing provided to them by the owners & management, pocketing the money.

Here are some shocking facts.
There is no ice at this super expensive resort, except for some pieces of ice they scrape from the bottom of a chest freezer ( horrible).
A local beer cost Php 350. ( most expensive ive seen such elsewhere in phillipines, was for Php 130.

Everything at this resort is extremely expensive, and for some silly reason, their menu for food & drinks are only available on a Tablet ( which led me to believe that its part of the trick to easily determine what the guest/s are willing to pay ), as they propably have multiple different pricelists to choose from on the Tablet.

Secondly, i had to instruct my kids not to walk on the wooden deck next to the swimming pool, as it is half rotten, and broken planks in several places, with rusted nails sticking out in other places ).

Huma island resort is now part of my “ Travel schoolfees “ paid, as i made the mistake not to read any reviews on the place at time of booking. why, because it was such an expensive place, with such a great look, and such quick responce at the moment i made contact. MY BIGGEST MISTAKE in online accomodation booking thus far.

At time of staying with Huma Island Resort, my family of 5 was the ONLY guests at this large establishment. However it does feel very exotic, i did feel like an idiot for the mistake made, by not checking on reviews about them.

What topped everything for me at this rubbish place, was the fact that i specifically requested in my booking that the 2 rooms i have booked, needed to be close together, as my 3 children will stay in a room, and myself & my wife in a room.
I booked a Beach villa & a water villa, however indicated that ill only select these, if the rooms are somewhat close together.

A beach villa is also php 3500 more expensive than a water villa per night.
At time of arrival i realised that the beach villa was about 500 m from the water villa booked for my children, so i requested to move us to a water villa close to the kids’s unit. This was easily done, as we are the only guests in the resort off course.
I also got an indication from the staff member who located us, that a credit should be passed, as we are not inconveniencing anything with the relocation request.

However, on checkout day, they contacted management apparently ( someone sitting in Manila ), who confirmed that we cannot be credited for Php 7000 ( for the 2 nights we didnt stay in the more expensive beach villa ).

I just accepted this and paid, as the Only thing we wanted to do at this moment, was to get away from Huma Island Prison Camp, as quick as possible.

I am sad for the few nice people working at Huma resort, however for its owners and management i wish to say that you should be ashamed of yourselves for the hidden agenda you apply through your scammfull marketing of your “ NOT RESORT”.

Please do yourselves a favour and read the christmas wish cards hanging from the christmas tree in the blue Bar, and you will realise that the most overwhelming wish portrayed on those cards written by your few staff members on site, spell out the following: “i wish to get my salary”.
what a shame !!!!!

May Huma Island Resort soon RIP!

Anton Mare
South Africa

The most terrible experience in my life ever.
Reviewed 8 months ago

We were excited to be there before we arrived. At first is nice welcome drink, facility tour to your room. Then we decide to take a look of the dinner they introduced, you know what they were all not in service, there ha 4 dinner on the island but only one is available. So we went to the pool, it was dirty and no lifeguard.
The room looks nice, but they need to pay more attention on maintain it, Jacuzzi is not clean, the tap of bathtub is broken and the most important AC is not working well!!!

It's the worst experience. I have no word to say about my stay. NEVER be back.