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What We Love

  • An all-inclusive or full-board stay at a five-star hotel in Mallorca, just minutes from the beach The adults-only roof terrace, with luxurious Balinese day beds
  • Enjoying a soothing massage or pampering beauty treatment at the elegant spa
  • Going all-inclusive means you can concentrate on some serious relaxation

What To Know

  • Getting to the beach means taking a quick stroll through the center of Puerto de Alcudia
  • Free WiFi works well
  • Complimentary private parking is available onsite
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A stylish five-star hotel near Mallorca's dazzling coast, with a choice between half-board and all-inclusive

The Lowdown

Mallorca has got relaxation down to an art and it seems that the brand new Viva Zafiro looks set to join the laid-back party in style. You can be one of the first to experience this latest member of the island’s five-star offerings, just open this summer. Tucked away quietly just inland from the sparkling Alcudia Bay, the hotel’s suite-only, low-rise accommodation clusters protectively around several swimming pools.
Here you’ll find many different ways to achieve dream-like nirvana. Stretch out in semi-submerged loungers by the pool, relax on a Balinese day bed on the adults-only roof terrace, or lose a few blissful hours in the spa. There’s a Zen-like ambience throughout, with five indoor-outdoor restaurants effortlessly combining natural wood, white walls and green foliage. If you want to up the tempo a tad, Alcudia’s beach is only a 10-minute amble from here, with some lively restaurants, shops and bars along the way.

How to Get There

Viva Zafiro Hotel & Spa
c/ Cami Real al Moll, 2
Mallorca, 07400 Spain


4.5 Very Good 1252 Reviews
Wonderful hotel
Reviewed 1 day ago

Went during the first week of June with half board, greeted by a short haired lady who was polite , but did not even once look at me or smile during our check in, which is strange to say at least.

We have been here before so we knew what to expect, our room was in builiding # 6 in 6312, top floor.
I was at first happy to have a corner room, but soon realized it was right by the restaurants and very noisy almost the whole day. The building only has one elevator all the way at the other end, so this was very impractical with a 3 and 4 year old.
Maybe its an older building, we could hear people talking trough the pipes in the toilet from downstairs.

Staff was polite and friendly, except that everytime i tried to order a glass of wine, the staff either gave us only one glass(we are 2 people) OR they did not give us the wine at all. I speak perfect english, loud and clear.
When i tried to let the waitress know, she came back with the glass of wine with a look on her face like it was MY fault. No im sorry, no apologies, nothing but an angry attitude -
I know it a busy season, but this is very easy to know that most people want wine when they go to dinner. I ended up not getting any more wine from the restaurants for the rest of my stay.

Breakfast crew was much nicer and polite, always with a smile and joking, afternoon crew could learn alot from the breakfast staff when dealing in customer service.

Also the booking app for the other restaurants was a complete failure, it was practically impossible to eat anywhere other than the Buffett restaurant, which was disappointing since we had half board and wanted to eat at different places.

Entertainment was good, i noticed the sound has been turned down since last time we were here.

Pool areas are nice and well kept, so is the rest of the site. Pool towels being put out early is not a good thing, we tried to find a place to sit but it was impossible if you come to the pool area after 10 o clock. So we had to do what everybody else does, wake up early and reserve a spot, or else you will not be able to sit anywhere.

All in all its a great place, but these minor issues is not worthy of a 5 star rating, we will not be coming back again unless its out of season and a Penthouse suite is available.

Nice hotel but not 5*
Reviewed 2 days ago

Stayed here as a family of 4, 2 adults 2 young children.

Hotel itself is great for families (can't imagine it would be the best place to be if you wasn't travelling with kids), large clean rooms, plenty of pools and the restaurants where all a good standard with good choice of food and drinks.

But for us, for the amount it costs we wouldn't stay here again, as in other reviews the service at the bars, especially in the day around the pools is ridiculously slow. I read other reviews before we went about this and I thought it was just people looking for something to moan about but God it's slow! Not the bar staffs fault at all they are running around none stop, it's the hotels fault for having one member of staff Manning each bar on there own all day.

The pools also are absolutely Baltic. Once your in and moving about there ok yes but wouldn't of broke the bank to stick a heater in the pools when they built the place, not as if it's a budget hotel is it.

Sunbeds, absolute joke to put it simple. If you aren't by the pool before 9:30 you aren't getting a sunbed. We went in June so I imagine peak season it will be a nightmare. Literally 9:30-11:00 you will see about 5 people around the pool but all the beds are reserved. Lifeguards are supposed to take the towels of reserved beds, but they don't. I think there must be half the amount of beds for the amount of people in the hotel so it's very annoying.

The kids entertainment team we felt were poor. Never really seemed to be interested in what they was doing. We stayed at the zafiro palmanova last year and the entertainment team there where great, maybe zafiro should send there team there for a few days to learn how to be enthusiastic.
There's no kids disco either before the evening shows which seemed daft every other zafiro hotel we've been to usually have the kids disco before the adult entertainment but this was just silent until the evening show started at 9.

The biggest issue for us though last year we stayed zafiro palmanova which is 4* however in that hotel you got a bracelet with a security chip on it. This was your door key, bar key, restaurant key. So when your out in the evenings, the day in the pool etc you literally needed nothing with you as it was all on your wrist to be scanned. Here though you get a door key. You need this key for literally everything. Pool bar, need the key, dinner, need the key, drinks at the bar, need the key. May sound petty but it will drive you insane, if you haven't got it they just won't serve you. Just seemed daft to us how the 4* hotel seems more advanced and upto date than the 5*.

Nice hotel, but little issues we felt didn't justify the overallcost so wouldn't return. Had a better time at the zafiro palmanova one last year which is cheaper, better location and no room key!!

A nice hotel with some areas requiring improvements.
Reviewed 2 days ago

I’ve just returned from 11 days at this hotel with my wife and 4 year old daughter staying in the first part of June, we stayed on a half board basis.


+ Rooms, and gardens are kept to a high standard, housekeeping did a fantastic job everyday to make the room look as good as the first day, very consistent.
+ The children’s entertainment team work tirelessly throughout the day to keep the children entertained, the hotel mascot, Issy is a great character for the younger children as are the mini discos and hotel themed shows for the children
+ The hotel is very children focused so if a couple I would suggest this hotel is not for you and you would be better off booking an adults only hotel!
+ Nice location, if you want to get out of the hotel for a walk, the old town offers great boutique shopping/dining its very pretty cannot be missed, there’s also a white sandy beach within 5 minutes walk

Areas for improvement.

- The staff they have in the restaurant ( market buffet) work hard but there are simply not enough cooking staff, you will see the same chefs balancing multiple show cooking stations, therefore quality is not always maintained and food is served not cooked sufficiently or can be cold whilst on other days this was not an issue..
- During 11 days There was no other restaurant availability in the other restaurants to book, on the one occasion I managed a booking via the app, the booking seemed to disappear.. I queried this with reception but nothing was done to to resolve my issue.
- The hotel is quite small and lacking in space, therefore if staying longer than 7 days you will begin to notice this.
- I’m not sure the multiple charging mechanisms the hotel is offering is working, the focus on charging seems to cause more issues with delays ordering drinks at the bar and at restaurant times. In example, I have had much quicker service at other 5 star hotels staying on an all inclusive basis than I experienced here throughout the stay staying on a half board basis.
- More management monitoring is required to maintain quality and service levels in key food and beverage areas.

Good hotel, HORRIBLE food.
Reviewed 3 days ago

We are staying at this hotel right this moment writing this. I Can honestly say that I’ve never once in my life ever complained about hotels or restaurants, but After the past dinner experiences I felt obliged to tell others that everything isnt as it seems and NOT to recommend ANYONE to buy half pension or all inclusive. You are so better of getting dinner by any of the many restaurants in the city and definetly if you don’t want to go hungry for the rest of the night.

Me and my fiancé booked this trip back in January for us to have a more luxurious vacation and to be asured that we’d be acommondated propertly and have meals satisfactionaly covered during our stay.

The rooms, service and pool areas etc are nothing to complain about, but the food is absolutly TERRIBLE.

We payed ~600 euros for breakfast and dinner during our weekly stay, and we can both honestly say that it’s the biggest disapointment and we wish we didn’t add it to our booking and that we’d use the money for humanly decent food.

The Market - Terrible and rubbery meat without any seasoning. Same with the grilled crayfish, no taste at all - just a lemon would even had done Wonders to this.
The breakfast is okay, but the ”Fresh” orange juice hasnt tasted anything but water since day 1.

We rate this 4/10 - at best.

La Veranda - Soggy and rubbery meat with no taste other than being more of a chewing gum than meat, undercooked potatoes and on top of that even the esparigus wasnt fully cooked and still raw!

The Hamburger we had during lunch was also one of the driest taste experiences either one of us has had, and the meat even tasted old - like it had been done for 2 hours and been warmed up again in a microoven.

We rate this one 2/10.

El Olivo - Stuffed chicken which was drier than the sand on Alcudias beach (dont get me wrong, the beach was amazing!) not even any traces of any type of seasoning.
Served with potato chips?
Fiance ordered a ”Greek salad” which was basicly 90% cucumbers and 4 slices of tortilla bread?

We rate this 2/10.

Tastes & Sushi
This was the cuop de gra of bad food of our stay so far. We ordered one pad thai each, one with prawns and one with chicken. Once recieved neither of them even looked eatable, but we tried to eat and it was honestly horrible. The chicken dish tasted nothing but water and FISH.. FISH.. We’re aware that fish oil is an ingredient of a traditional pad thai - but when the entire dish tastes like fish, there’s something terribly wrong. The noodles were over cooked and vegetables soggy. Same with the dish with prawns, both were uneatable and left us feeling sick the rest of the night.

We Give this a 1/10.

Tonight was the last chance to redeem yourselfes as we ate at your Italian restaurant. Fiancee had a pizza which actually was ok!

I had chicken with gnocci which first was served to me COLD. And then I don’t mean cold as if my dish had stood in the kitchen for a while - I mean that the chicken was REFRIDGIRATOR COLD.
When I complained I was given a shrug by the Staff and a few minuter later they came back with a new dish, where it was drentched in sauce, chicken was too dry to even swallow and the vegetables was burned to ash..


Obviously they pre-cook everything on the restaurants during the day and heats it when ordered during dinner at night.

Horrible experience over all, and even tho we payed for dinner the entire week, we still had to go out to get proper food at the restaurants by the beach. Which were all delightful and tasteful experiences! But hey, they gave us a mojito each in compensation.

So sad as we spoke to even have our wedding here as we were by first glance impressed, but After these terrible nightmares of meals We’ve been served - we’d be better of hosting our wedding reception at McDonalds.

Safe to say that We’re not coming back any time soon.

Great hotel .... too many kids
Reviewed 3 days ago

Husband and I just returned from 10 nights here. Hotel is lovely, bedrooms very modern, clean and large. We opted for bed and breakfast as don't like spending all holiday eating in the same place. Plenty of options for breakfast and the times we went down we could easily get a table. Swim up bar not great as it is in one of the pools where loads of kids play, should be in the pool on the higher level where it is adults only. Bit of a pain when people put their towels on sunbeds to reserve them, we went to the beach mostly so didn't cause us a problem but I just think it's rude to do this. The hotel is in a great location, easy to walk to Alcudia Old Town, which is lovely, and also close to the port. Not keen on the middle stretch of Alcudia though but we didn't need to go near there. Hotel staff were very helpful and friendly and we found the place was kept clean and tidy. Didn't watch the entertainment on an evening as it's not our thing but could hear it. Wasn't a problem as it was over by 11pm each night and wasn't particularly loud anyway. The real downside for us, me in particular, was the amount of kids there. When going to breakfast there was always a line of around 20 child buggies parked up outside and then loads of kids inside either crying, whinging or running around - absolute pain in the backside. I would recommend this hotel to families but definitely not to people without kids.